Revel in the unique concept of Mum’s Place, a

6 shop-lot boutique restaurant (inclusive of

one first-floor) that creates an eclectic

combination of shopping and dining. Tucked

in the quaint area of Damansara Perdana,

Petaling Jaya; our menu of HALAL

Malaysian and local Portuguese cuisine

will delight your taste buds amid a tropical


Do drop by at Mum’s Place® and be enticed by the variety of good food set within a tropical homely ambience.

Inspired by traditional home recipes, Mum’s Place brings you the goodness of Malaysian and local Portuguese cuisine. Our menu reads a variety of tempting dishes that will “excite” your palate. As for health conscious, there is no need to worry about indulging in our spicy fare, since our dishes are cooked with cholesterol-free palm oil.

It is a pleasure for us at Mum’s Place to share with you our recommendations on some of many dishes available. For curry lovers, we suggest the Portuguese Chicken Devil Curry. This house specialty stays true  to its original recipe and is cooked with chilli and spices. Other local Portuguese dishes include Beef Slices, Beef Semur, Cencaru Fish with Chilli Paste, the local spicy Lemak Kuning Fish Head, Fried Cencaru Fish with Chilli Padi Paste & Petai and Assam Pedas Parit Jawa Jenahak Fish. A special mention must be given to the Fried Otak-otak Cubes served with Thai Sauce comprising Shredded Onions , Mango and Chilli. You will be delightfully surprised by this dish, which is unlike the traditional ones wrapped in banana leaves. Seafood lovers are not left out as we also serve favourites such as the Udang Galah Noodle, Pan-Fried Tiger Prawns with Butter Garlic, Fried Soft Shell Crabs and Sambal Petai Prawns. For the perfect finale to your meal, don’t forget to try out our desserts, which include the ABC (Ice Kacang), Cendol with Red Beans, Pulut Tekan with Kaya, as well as other traditional desserts.